Immediate Treatment Table Write-Off

Immediate Treatment Table Write-Off. Why you should buy a massage or treatment table this year.

Changes to the tax law that came into play 1 July 2012, mean small businesses can immediately write off assets valued at $6,500 or less – this is up from $1000 so makes for quite a change.

The other positive change recently introduced, allows small businesses to write off all other assets (except building), in a single deprecation pool at a rate of 30% – until now businesses had to allocate assets to two different depreciation pools.

So what does that mean for you? Well it means you can purchase a treatment table now and write off the full cost of it immediately.

Many Athlegen massage and treatment tables come in below this assets write off bracket. The Apollo Chiropractic Couch for example, featuring both the Lumbar and Thoracic drop section, is priced at $6,135 – if you are a member of the CAA you get an additional 5% discount, bringing the table price down to $5,829. So you can claim an instant asset write-off for the full amount.

The Apollo Chiropractic Couch is the only chiropractic table in Australia fully endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of Australia.

The ergonomic design of the Apollo ensures superior patient comfort and excellent practitioner access. The unique Athlegen designed magnetic drop sections offer a virtually maintenance free operation, saving time and money. Plus, the Athlegen brand guarantees quality and service throughout Australia, bringing peace of mind to your purchase.

Athlegen offer a range of portable and electric treatment tables and have been designing, manufacturing and distributing treatment tables throughout Australia and the globe for over 25 years – for details see or call the team on 1800 813 000. You will also find Athlegen on Facebook and Twitter @athlegentables.

Benefits Of Massage On Cyclists

We welcome new guest blogger Michael Rand to the Athlegen Massage Table blog. Michael is owner/operator of Total Performance Clinic, soft tissue Therapy and Cycling Coaching Clinic.

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog. As a cycling coach, soft tissue therapist and competitive cyclist a lot of my massage clients tend to be cyclists themselves. Over the coming entries I would like to share with you my observations, passions and beliefs on the benefits of cycling and the benefits of massage on cyclists.

Cycling as a sport is experiencing unprecedented growth in Australia at the present. The success of the Australian Cyclists around the world, namely Cadel Evans after his historic win at the Tour De France last year, have set about a massive increase in the numbers of people cycling on a day to day basis.

As an exercise, cycling represents a unique challenge to massage therapists. The entire movement of the lower body is done with the hips in the flexed position. The upper body is flexed in a predominantly isometric contraction with the lumbar and thoracic spine shaped in a predominantly kyphotic curvature and the cervical spine is bent in a hyper lordotic curvature.

With a cyclists leg movement pattern being in a flexed position this tends to train the muscle to fire in a shortened position. This position can have dramatic postural implications on the lower back. The Rectus Femorus, Illiacus and Psoas Major all shorten during the cycling stroke and with out regular stretching and treatment this can lead to excessive lordotic curvature in the lumbar spine. This comes about from the pull from the muscles mentioned above shortening and pulling directly on the illiums from the femurs. This pulling has further implications by causing hyperlordosis and potentially causing nerve impingement through the lumbar and the shutting off the agonist muscles.

The upper body as mentioned is held in a predominantly isometric contraction. This position has the Scapula in an anteriorly rotated position and being braced predominantly by Pectoralis minor. In this position the neck is pulled anteriorly and the head is then tilted posteriorly. This position exacerbates a common postural problem of protracted Scapula’s and weak, mid and lower Trapezius and Rhomboid muscle groups.

That is it for now, in future blogs I will talk about methods I use to minimise muscle shortening and postural implications.

For any questions you may have don’t hesitate emailing me at

Mick Rand, Total Performance Clinic, Soft Tissue Therapist & Cycling Coach or click here for Mick’s Facebook

For details on Athlegen Massage Tables go to

Spa Music – how to get it right

Spa Music – 6 tips on how to get it right

Guest post by Michael Simmons

Perhaps not surprisingly, spa music can be a polarising subject. Individual style and personal taste dictate how we live our lives and make our choices. It’s no different with the music we listen to and getting the balance right in the spa environment can be tricky and time-consuming task.

As the spa market has grown, thankfully there has been an increase in the amount of spa and relaxation music available. It’s no longer just Enya, dolphins and whales and the pan flute. Yet although there is now a greater choice of styles, genres and artists not all of it is good or even appropriate.

So how can spas get it right? Firstly, the music shouldn’t be a distraction. The role of the music is to relax the client without them really being aware that this happening. It shouldn’t be too loud. It shouldn’t jump from one style to another. The music should flow just like the treatment.

Here are a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Match the music. The music should represent and compliment the environment and the treatments of the spa. For example, if your treatments are based on ancient Chinese principles make sure the music is Asian inspired and reflects your beliefs and your brand.
  2. Get the sound right. If are using iPods with a docking station, equalise your system so the music is played at a consistent volume.
  3. Be consistent. If you are using a CD stacker, don’t insert 10 CDs and hit random. This will result in an even and inconsistent playlist, which can be distracting and inhibit the client’s ability to relax.
  4. Engage your staff. They have to listen to the music all day so they will know what works for them and will also have a greater idea of how the music works in the treatment room. Give your staff a choice of playlists to ensure they stay engaged and motivated in the workplace.
  5. Get feedback. Ask your clients. Include questions about the music on your questionnaires and in your daily contact with customer.
  6. More is more. Have a large selection of music and update it regularly.

When I tell people what I do for a living I invariably hear comments like “the last treatment I had was great, but the music was shocking!” Remember, music shouldn’t be a distraction; it should be a means of helping your clients escape as soon as they walk in the door.

Do your research, spend a little time and a little money and get it right. Your staff will be engaged, your clients will be relaxed and your business will benefit. So follow the Spa Sounds motto and “don’t leave your music to chance!”

Spa Sounds will help you out in managing music for your spaMichael Simmons is the Director of Spa Sounds, a boutique record label and online store specialising in spa, relaxation and chill-out CDs, DVDs and digital downloads. Alongside supplying both retail and wholesale product to the health and beauty industry, Spa Sounds specialises in producing branded CDs for some of the worlds top hotels and spas.

Image Credit

Determining Correct Massage Table Height

The method below is an excellent guide in determining the correct table height for a massage therapist.

How to select the correct table height for a massage therapist

The recommended method involves having the person being measured stand like a soldier at attention. Their heels and toes are completely together; the shoulders are back, the head erect with the eyes looking straight ahead. The arms are stiffly by the sides, with the fingertips pointing directly at the floor, while resting against the thighs.

In this position the person doing the measuring, takes the measurement from the floor to the top of the skin fold on the middle knuckle of the middle finger.

This measurement determines the height the table should be.

Of course the person being measured should be in the footwear they normally use while working, or barefoot if they normally work without shoes (see attached image).

This method gives a precise measurement for each person, and it is very consistent from person to person because of the stance of the person being measured. The results of this measuring technique are normally a little lower than other methods, but experienced practitioners who spend most of each day massaging, attest to its effectiveness in determining the ideal table height.

Determining correct table height is a a very important factor, and the more experienced your become the easier and more intuitive it will become for you.

Bear in mind that different bodywork modalities sometimes require different measuring techniques. In particular chiropractic, reiki, and feldenkrais and Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) have different height requirements to consider.

Quality table manufacturers offer variations in table height or adjustments of height in increments of 2-3cm. If you measure in between these measurements always select the lower leg height.

A general guide for other modalities:
For beauty therapy, waxing, physiotherapy, acupuncture and reiki, add 3 cm to the massage height measurement.
For Alexander add 10 cm
For Lomi Lomi add 6 cm
Chiropractors and osteopaths measure from the fully extended fingertips to the ground.
Feldenkrais practitioners measure from the bottom of the knee joint to the ground.

Your health and especially your back and neck health is of upmost importance, having your massage table at the correct height will go a long way in supporting your massage career as well as influence your technique and style.

If you have any further questions always happy to respond to your comments or questions.

Starting Your Career In Massage or Natural Therapies?

It is the start of a new year and many of you are looking to make the health and wellness industry your new career. Well done and congratulations – welcome to a new wonderful world. You are joining one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia.

At this time of year we often get asked what we recommend to be the essential tools and equipment needed when getting started in massage, that will not only last while you study, but will launch you into your professional career as a therapist.

We have highlighted the 6 essentials tool for massage or bodywork that will get you off to the best start while you study, making you look professional and most importantly assisting to make the job as easy and as supported as possible.

At the end of this post we also have a special limited time offer that you may like to take advantage of saving you over $120.

The 6 Essentials for a Massage Professional

1. Portable Massage Table
Yes a portable massage table is a great place to being! Look for one that is: easy to set up, light enough for you to carry and transport, safe to use (no sharp bits or buttons), squeak free, made well, from quality materials so it will last, that has a warranty, height adjustable, and finally check the cushioning – you want it to be comfortable for you and your client.

2. Heavy Duty Transit Bag
A transit bag for your portable table is for both protection of the table as well for safety and easy for you when transporting your table. Look for a bag with shoulder and arm strap (see picture) that shares the carrying weight of the table across your body. This feature alone makes the transit bag a worthwhile piece of equipment. Many budget carry bags are only suitable as a dust cover and will deteriorate quickly when used by a mobile therapist.

3. Fitted Sheets
Using a fitted sheet or some protective covering over your table while the massage is being conducted is recommended. This is for both client hygiene and for protecting the table vinyl from massage oils and body oils. You will find your table will last longer if you use a fitted sheet or protective covering.

4. Bolster
A bolster is a vinyl covered half-moon shaped piece of foam, which is fitted under the patients knees in the supine position, or under the instep in the prone position. It helps to make the patient more comfortable, and to relax the muscles and tendons (particularly the hamstrings), in the adjoining limbs during treatment. Many therapist do use a pillow however a bolster is easy to transport and is specially designed for client comfort and support.

5. Massage Oil
We would always recommend using a 100% water dispersible massage oil. A good fully water dispersible oil will not stain towels, clothing or equipment, and washes easily from therapists’ hands without stripping away natural oils. You will find massage oil either unscented or in a range of scents.

6. Vinyl Cleaner
To look after your table we advise using a vinyl cleaner to clean and protect your tables upholstery. It is something you probably wouldn’t think of now but if you look after your key piece of equipment, your table, it will last long into your career.

So there you have it, the six essentials we recommend to give you the best start in your massage or natural therapies studies and the essentials that will take you from a student straight into a professional health and wellness career.

Athlegen Massage Transit bag

Heavy Duty Transit Bag

To give you a head start we are offering a very special package

Purchase the 6 essential items in our ‘Getting Started’ pack between now and 31st March 2012 for only $499 – normal value $622.

The ‘Getting Started’ package includes:

1 x Athlegen Bodyworker BXL Portable Massage Table
1 x Athlegen Heavy Duty Transit Bag
1 x Athlegen Fitted Sheet (100% cotton jersey in navy blue or white)
1 x Athlegen Bolster
1 x Athlegen Hydro 2 Massage Oil 200ml massage oil (your choice of scent)
1 x Athlegen Vinyl Cleaner 500ml pump pack

To order your ‘Getting Started’ pack phone Guy at the Athlegen showroom on 1800 81 3000 (free call) or 02 9561 0111

That’s a 20% saving!

“I’ve had my Portable Massage table for over 14 years! It hasn’t let me down once. Thanks Athlegen.” David Bridgman – December 2011

Athlegen is an Australian-owned designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative treatment and massage equipment. Founded in 1988, the company is a market leader in Australia. Athlegen is the official supplier to the Australian Olympic team and has been for 20 years. Athlegen has developed an global reputation as a high quality supplier of treatment and massage tables exporting to more than 35 countries.

“I have used Athlegen Massage Tables for years, they are awesome have brought a couple of other brands, but always go back to the Athlegen.. Love it…” Mary Hitchcock December 2011

It would be remiss of us to not let you know about an additional add on for your table that offers your clients greater comfort and allows you greater flexibility.

7. Adjustable face support cradle and arm rest

A good table will have the ability to add on an adjustable face support cradle and arm rest. You will improve the comfort, treatment positions and overall length of the portable massage table by adding an adjustable face cradle. They are fully adjustable on both angle and height. By providing an arm rest allows your clients to rest their arms in a natural and comfortable position underneath the cradle and can be adjusted to suit different arm length positions. By fitting a face cradle and arm rest to your table, you will be giving your clients a greater opportunity to relax and enjoy their treatment.

The Athlegen Bodyworker BXL portable massage table is simply the best professional portable table in the world. It is easier and safer to use than any other. A simple folding mechanism allows quick, easy, and safe table set up, and fold away with no buttons to press. You cannot set it up incorrectly unlike some competing brands. It also:

§  Uniquely braced frame design which is based on a system of struts that are triangulated – the strongest basis of any construction.

§  Light weight, with a great height adjustment range (8 to 9 settings only 25mm apart) – much better than most competitors and suitable for a very wide range of practitioner heights, from short to tall.

§  Designed in Australia in-house by Athlegen and rigorously tested prior to release. The latest Athlegen Bodyworker models are proprietary registered designs not available to any other company.

§  Superior construction and QA, not off the shelf manufactured in Asia.

§  Best warranty in the industry by a company that stands by their products and will be there if you need them.

§  Budget tables don’t last, they get noisy, flex, and can be difficult to work with – Athlegen tables are engineered to last a lifetime, and will not need to be replaced in a few years time.

§  Athlegen  superior cushioning and squeak free operation will allow your patients to be more relaxed – a happy patient is one who returns.

Athlegen has supplied more portable tables in Australia than any other manufacturer. Athlegen is the brand most trusted by more professionals.

Chat to Guy and the team at the Athlegen showroom on 1800 81 3000 or 02 9561 0111 to discuss your student or getting started needs

Athlegen……designed to last a lifetime.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas – Massage and More

12 Online Christmas Ideas

Athlegen Christmas Massage Gift Ideas

Image Credit Clare Bloomfield

If you are like me and haven’t really started your Christmas shopping as yet and the thought of facing the crowds of the shopping centres really isn’t helping you get started, then read on, this blog post is for you.

I am purchasing more and more products online and to date have had all positive experiences. This year the thought of traipsing around the shopping centre selecting gifts sounds way to hard so I thought I would share with you some of the online shopping options I have come across to simplify your Christmas shopping experience.

**Please note many of the products below have a cut off order date in order to reach you in time for Christmas so please consider the date when shopping**

Spa Gift Certificates

Most of the individual day spas and salons will happily put together a treatment gift voucher for you, this is great if you have a favourite or know where you want to go. Below I highlight a few other options that reach most corners of Australia;

  • Ripples Mobile Massage – With locations all over Australia, a Ripples Massage Voucher can make a great gift as the massage comes to you, they are a mobile massage service. Couples vouchers as well as nurturing body treatment vouchers also available. Visit to order.
  • Ella Bache – Ella Bache Gift cards can be purchased quickly and easily online and have a large range of shop fronts across Australia. Not just massage treatments but facials, beauty and waxing. See
  • Netbookings – With 150+ Day Spas listed throughout Australia including The Byron at Byron Spa and Peninsula Hot Springs Victoria, this directory allows you to easily find a spa in your area and purchase a gift voucher as a gift idea for a friend or loved one. Check out

Gift Ideas For Men

I am sure you could use the massage gift vouchers mentioned above for the man in your life, father inlaw or brother but here are a few different ideas;

  • Magazine Subscription – From Australian Geographic to Zoo Weekly the Mag Shop allows you to purchase a magazine subscription for your man or if you can’t decide you can purchase an e-gift voucher and they can choose a magazine subscription for themselves. See
  • Adrenalin – Looking for a really memorable Christmas gift,  check out Here you can purchase driving, flying and a whole range of adventure activities across every state in Australia. How does 30 minutes in the Red Bull Aerobatics stunt plane sound or laps in a V8 race car….? This is a fun site for ‘the man who has everything’.
  • Craft Beer - Thinking of something a little less dangerous but still want to try new things? How about membership to the Beer Club where each month you will be sent a range of different micro-brewed boutique beers from Australia and overseas. You will also receive tasting notes so that you can learn about the beers and the brewers who make them as well as beer scoring sheets so you can rate the beers you try. See

Gift Ideas For Ladies

  • Table Tonic – If you don’t mind splashing out and you are looking for some unique and interesting home furnishings then Table Tonic may be the online store for you. Beautiful, quality pieces including bedspreads, cushions, blankets, hats and throws it is worth a look. If you can’t decide what to purchase for that  special Christmas gift you can always buy a Table Tonic gift voucher. See
  • Inspiration – I stole this gift idea from Sarah Wilsons blog but I am hoping since I give her credit she won’t mind. We all love words of inspiration and create and frame words of wisdom beautifully. Check out their website then please check out their blog, it is stunning and inspirational.
  • Audra James Oils – It is all about bespoke, that is individually made to suit body and skin products. Audra James knows her oils and will create a blend especially for you or your friend. From luxury body oil to facial mist and skin elixirs, these oils make a special and useful gift

Gifts For Good

Christmas Gift Ideas Australia

Image Credit Naito8

  • Oxfam – Oxfam are great as you will receive a personalised card, explaining how their special gift is fighting poverty and when you order online, you can have your own message printed on the card which will be sent directly to the recipient.For $15 you could buy your mother in law a pile of poo, or for $135 a well in Sri Lanka….all in the name of charity!! Check out
  • Wesley Mission – Help the homeless through Wesley Mission who have been working with underprivileged Australians for decades. A Wesley Gift can help give kids a safe place to sleep. “Young mothers with children are the “new face” of Australian homelessness. They don’t live on the street but are out of sight in refuges and cheap motels, staying with relatives and even sleeping in their cars.” The gift donation is all packaged up and presented nicely, see for details.
  • Guide Dogs NSW – For the pet lover, a donation to guide dogs Australia could be a great gift, $20 will buy a dog bed for puppy to rest after a hard days training, $100 will buy a set of vaccinations. See for more options and ideas.

For more charity gift ideas check out

Athlegen Massage Tables also feature an online store, please check out the website and you might find a christmas gift for yourself there!!

Have a great Christmas and if you know of more great online Christmas gift ideas please feel free to share them with us below.

Top Spa Trends and Tips for Therapists 2012

Top Spa Tips and Trends for Therapists 2012

We have gone out to some of the leaders in the spa and wellness industry and asked them to share their top tips and trends that spa managers, therapists, beauty practitioners and those working across the spa, health and wellness industry should have on their radar for the coming year ahead.

Sodashi, Megan Larsen Spa Trends 2012 Athlegen Massage TablesMegan Larsen, Sodashi Founder

“Customers are voting with their wallets for brands (both spas and products) that have high values in terms of environmental issues as well as health issues (e.g. organic and chemical-free). I believe this trend will continue to gain momentum as customers become more and more aware of the detrimental effects of synthetic chemicals in skin care. Importantly though, customers will continue to demand exceptional quality and efficacy from brands as well as environmental and health authenticity.”


Kris Abbey Spa Life Spa Trend 2012 Athlegen Massage TablesKris Abbey, Spa Life

“There is so much going on in this space but two trends worth a mention. The big trend is results driven treatments in express time… the rapid results phenomenon, ‘spa in a New York minute’” (see more details here). The other trend is the shift towards wellness and spa as lifestyle rather than purely for pamper. Consumer’s are seeing spas as an integral part of their lifestyle and preventative health/slow ageing measures. It is less about the pamper and more about the prevention. Adding wholistic treatments to spa menus is becoming more and more common place. And fusion treatments is another trend i.e. combining remedial massage with a salt scrub for example. A shift towards wellness is being driven by consumers, and Spa’s seem to be the first point of reference when it comes to wellness.”

Gregg Cave Gaia Retreat General Manager and Owner Spa Trends 2012 Athlegen Massage TablesGregg Cave, Gaia Retreat (GM/Owner)

“With increasing stresses of our lives today, and a world of uncertainty so many people are reaching burn out/ boiling point and are recognising the importance of taking time for themselves to rebalance and realign. Spa treatments like massage, body work and facials are commonly known, but a wide variety of healing energy techniques are becoming more available in many of the leading Spas of the world. People seem more open to embrace and seek out the best for their own personal individual needs. It is easy to talk the talk.. walking the walk keeps it straight and real… At Gaia we do our utmost to always ensure the clarity and transparency of healing and energy work from our therapists is pure. This way the guest can openly embrace the treatment with heart, mind and spirit.”

Mark Wilford Athlegen Massage Tables Spa Trends 2012 Mark Wilford, Athlegen (QLD State Manager)

“I recently attended the national ASPA Conference which was held in Noosa last month and got up to speed on a few industry trends. The conference discussed a few issues including marketing for the industry and talked about increasing brand presence using social media marketing via the creation of interesting content.”

“We further discussed the changing image of the industry and how the view of spas are changing from being a luxury, pamper experience for relaxation to a necessity for wellness and health.”

“Finally and most importantly we talked about service consistency, not only across a single spa but across the entire industry to ensure our reputation in the public eye was positive and that positivity grew. Service consistence and quality of product needs to remained top priority as this is what will shape the future and reputation of our industry. This resinates with me as I know Athlegen are one step in that chain of creating an excellent customer experience and we all need to work together to succeed.”

Nikki Wells ASPA Spa Trends 2012 Athlegen Massage TablesNikki Wells, ASPA

“Being a communications specialist for the past 25 years and also the President of the Australasian Spa Association, I would have to say that communication is THE key to a successful spa/salon in 2012. In this day and age it is easy for any spa/salon to offer sensational products and highly skilled therapists – but without expert communication, your spa/salon is just ANOTHER spa/salon to choose from. Communication is how we connect with our customers and prospective clients – in person, on the phone, via email, website, social media.”

“In person, we must remember that each person is an individual – they are NOT a demographic.  Each customer has a different personality to the next, and it is important to understand how to communicate with each of the 4 personality types to successfully build rapport with each customer. Gone are the days of treating each customer the same – it simply doesn’t work that way.  Without this understanding, therapists can be turning away customers without even knowing it.”

“Websites need to be fresh, easy to navigate, represent your brand/philosophy, and provide current information.  Mobile apps are growing in popularity and a must-have for any business given the boom in mobile-devices. Mobile apps are affordable and a must-have in 2012!  Social mediums are a standard requirement as well, so if you don’t have a Facebook page, or linked-in profile – now is the time to get one!”

Keely Watson, NZ - Trends for 2012 Athlegen Massage TablesKeely Watson, Facialist, NZ

“Over the past few years consumers have become increasingly aware of what they’re putting on their skin and now they’re turning towards natural products which must deliver results. As therapists we’re seeing an increase in skincare companies developing natural lines within their ranges, and many new ranges boasting “natural”, “organic” or “raw” ingredients. With so many options becoming available the therapist must stay well informed – knowledge is key. With this trend towards a more natural approach, customers also want to know how your business operates. What steps are you taking to become more environmentally aware? Do you deal with reputable suppliers who share the same values? Do you offer treatments that are eco-friendly? Do you recycle, repurpose, reuse? Full transparency is essential.”



Nails – anything goes. Nails are playing a huge role in fashion & beauty.

Natural – sheer makeup that enhances, subtle looking tans, pale complexions, natural skincare products.

Wellbeing – clients want advice on all areas of their health & wellbeing.

Lashes – goodbye lash extensions, hello lash serums.

Social media – learn to engage and interact with clients this way.

What spa, wellness and beauty trends are you seeing across your practice? We would love to discuss them here.

Essential Therapy for Therapists

We are thrilled to have guest blogger & therapist Audra James share some great tips and insights on aromatherapy for looking after you, the hard working therapist.

As a therapist, self care is vital – it is essential each day to take some time to refresh and re-energise. Essential oils are a simple and very effective way to do this on a daily basis. Incorporating essential oils into your everyday life means you have the necessary tools at your disposal to relax, chill out and also give yourself a much needed mood and energy boost when required.

I like to use a variety of both uplifting and relaxing essential oils throughout the day as well as ones that can be used for sore and tense muscles (perfect for massage therapists)

These are some easy and highly effective ways to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life:

Aromatherapy Audra James Essential Oil

Photo Credit Audra James

Shower: Start the day with a mini spa treatment – sprinkle 4-5 drops of an invigorating, head clearing essential oil into the shower base (or onto a face cloth over plug hole) turn on hot water and step in . The aroma, steam and hot water has an instant uplifting effect.

Suggested Oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lime

Your Space: Freshen up your workspace throughout the day – the perfect way to re-energise between clients and create a relaxing space to work in. 20 drops of Continue reading

Hilton Surfers Paradise Officially Opens with eforea spa

The landmark AUD$700 million Hilton Surfers Paradise complex on Queensland’s Gold Coast has officially opened, making it the newest leisure property for Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Australia, and the first Hilton property in the country to offer a combination of guest rooms and holiday residences.

Hilton Surfers Paradise Eforea spa uses Athlegen Massage Tables

Hilton Surfers Paradise

This new hotel features eforea: spa at Hilton. The new day spa is the first brand new, purpose-built eforea: spa at Hilton in Australia. It features the global spa experience from Hilton Hotels & Resorts combining three distinct ranges of treatments for men and women alike. This luxury spa also features a new, recently developed massage and treatment table made and designed by Athlegen specifically for Hilton.

“This new table was specifically designed for the new Hilton Spas world wide operations, it has a number of special features designed to both assist the therapist giving the treatment, and also to improve the comfort and relaxation of the guest receiving treatment, thus making the new Hilton spa experience a truly memorable one” says
Jeff Toering, Market Development Manager for Athlegen.

The new table features:

  • Gas strut assisted sections for ease of movement of the table by the practitioner, reducing strain and risk of injury
  • Unique high quality memory foam (the same as used in top end mattresses), providing superlative client comfort
  • Special top shape configuration for max client comfort and ease of practitioner access to client
  • A new design folding prone arm rest for client comfort and practitioner convenience
  • Depending on physical location, tables either feature an exceptional quality, virtually maintenance free, European hydraulic lift system  which does not requite any connection to power outlets, or a high quality German electrically operated actuators

Martin Rinck, president, Asia Pacific, Hilton Worldwide, said, “Hilton Surfers Paradise is our eighth Hilton-branded property in Australia, and is a significant milestone for the tourism industry in the Gold Coast being the first new upscale, global hotel to be built in the Gold Coast in over 10 years. We are delighted to continue to grow the footprint of Hilton Worldwide in this important market.”

“The facilities at Hilton Surfers Paradise are so diverse that you can enjoy time with your family in the comfort of a spacious residence one weekend, and return another time as a couple for a romantic break and enjoy the serenity of a guest room.

“At Hilton Surfers Paradise we are combining the energy of Surfers with the style of Hilton, and we look forward welcoming guests to experience our unique offering,” said Mr Kelly.

Athlegen, Australia’s leading spa treatment table manufacturer has exported treatment tables to more than 40 countries and their products are used by high end spas around the world.

Further information at and

Top 4 Takeouts From The Spa & Beauty Expo 2011 (Part 2)

Top 4 Takeouts From The Spa & Beauty Expo

By Guest Writer Holly Galbraith of Go Future Media

For those that may not have attended the Spa & Beauty Expo held in Sydney this month, here are some notes and highlights from the two day event to get you up to speed.

#3. Organic

This year at the Spa & Beauty Expo saw two ‘certified organic’ pavilions combined with the natural section.
Suppliers were separated by the two main Australian certifying bodies;
ACO Certified – meaning Australian Certified Organic accredited products
OFC Certified – meaning Organic Food Chain accredited products

These are both independent certifying bodies that are governed by the Australian government, they each have their own ways of doing business though both certify & accredit companies according to the Australian standard.

Or if products were not certified however contain natural ingredients were placed under the Natural banner

This seemed to please those within these sectors and seems to show are greater awareness from the beauty industry and consumer viewpoint about these important differentiation.

Katrina Milham from OrganicSpa comments “it is now easier for people coming to the show to see and make an informed decision between a natural product and ones that are actually certified organic. We attended this show five years ago and were one of the first organic skincare ranges -> now there are approx. 20 stands in the natural/organic section and it’s growing. Consumers are becoming more savvy and aware of what they are putting into their bodies and are now coming here looking for an organic option.”

Certified Organic at Spa & Beauty Expo

Don't Panic It's Organic

Stand outs from the organic section of the show included the OrganicSpa range, a certified organic, vegan professional spa and salon range now stocked in over 200 salons throughout Australia and the new EcoTan, a certified organic spray tan which is receiving rave reviews and is featured at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.

#4. Nails Rule

The final thing, that cannot go without a mention in relation to the Spa & Beauty Expo is the nail business. The nail section is probably the largest section within the Spa & Beauty Expo. Polish, equipment, tools all featured as well as the coveted ‘Nail Awards’ where practitioners train all year to compete.

The nail business is serious business at the spa & beauty expo

The nail business is serious business.

I had a chat to Debra Purtell who is very involved in the nail awards and trains several competitors. ” I have been involved in the industry since 1980 and came to my first show in 1988…. Don’t underestimate the hard work and level of skill involved in doing nails and especially at this level, you can’t enter the awards unless you have been training.”

I asked Deborah why the nail section was so large…” people want the beauty of long nails, it’s elegance, it’s an image and so many people can’t grow their own.” Debra tells me that the nail industry is the fastest growing section of the beauty industry, “there is always something new coming out, new products it can be hard to keep up – that’s why this show is so good, to keep up.”

Debra Purtell is from North Queensland Nail Supplies and Academy of Nail Technology

Nail awards

Nail Awards Spa & Beauty Expo

The Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo is Australia’s largest event for the spa & beauty industries bringing you the latest spa and beauty products, treatments, ideas and equipment from Australia’s largest gathering of leading brands and suppliers.

Dates for next years expo are 11 & 12 August 2012

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